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Liigu is here to bring the future of car sharing to the world faster⚡️

The app-based mobility service Liigu makes personal transportation services hassle-free, whether you need to rent for hours or months.

The Liigu mobile app offers customers a complete mobile experience – from personal identification to contactless car rental. What's most exciting is that as part of the Internet of Things (IoT), Liigu makes the customer's mobile phone usable as a car key, and the customer won't be even needing a physical car key.

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We have fun 🙌

At Liigu, you become a part of a vibrant team, working in a cool office in Tartu and using our top-notch tools. You're surrounded by cheerful and ambitious young professionals who enjoy spending time together even outside of work. You'll be part of a fast-growing startup company.

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We are building the future 😎

Liigu offers a simple and sustainable alternative to car ownership. Our goal is to curb the growth of the number of cars without sacrificing the conveniences of personal car use. That's why we are passionately committed to simplifying car sharing.

What we offer you in return?

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Car Rental Compensation 🚗

Up to €300 compensation per year to use Liigu cars while you are on your vacation in Southern Europe. This ensures that you have the flexibility to travel comfortably.

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Activity Support 🤸‍♂️

We prioritize your well-being by offering €50 activity support. We believe that a healthy and active lifestyle contributes to your overall happiness and productivity.

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Start-up vibe 🌱

Embrace the energy of a fast-paced environment where your ideas and contributions have a direct impact on shaping the future of mobility services.

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Cutting-edge Working Tools ⚙️

We equip you with the latest and most advanced working tools to empower you in your role. We ensure that you have the resources necessary to excel in your responsibilities.

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Team Events 🤹

Building a strong team spirit is essential to us. We organise regular team events that foster camaraderie, collaboration, and a sense of belonging. These events provide an opportunity to strengthen our collaborative efforts.

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Options to Grow ⛰️

Sky is the limit! We are invested in your long-term success. Your professional journey is important to us, and we're dedicated to supporting your aspirations.

✨Meet our team✨

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Annemari Muru, CEO

"Liigu offers a smart rental service that allows you to complete the entire rental process just through your mobile phone. You have the opportunity to work with cheerful international people and contribute to the rapid growth of the organization."

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Thomas Chaffraix, COO

"Working at Liigu is an exhilarating experience filled with innovation and collaboration. The company's dynamic environment fosters creativity and encourages employees to push boundaries. What I particularly enjoy is the emphasis on cutting-edge technology and the sense of camaraderie among colleagues, making every day both challenging and rewarding."

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Hedi Truu, CFO

"In Liigu, we are always supporting each other and we are growing together. There are no stupid questions - the more you ask, the more value you can generate from the processes.
Metaphorically, Liigu gives you wings to fly towards the goals and ambitions!

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Ivika Saaroja, Customer Support Operations Manager

"Liigu gives the opportunity to develop professionally and personally in an ever-evolving environment. It is an amazing opportunity to give input to the development of Liigu's services and make our customers happy!"

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Priit Laanemaa, Fleet Manager

"I'm privileged to be part of a company that values not only operational excellence but also the growth and well-being of its employees. The collaborative spirit and cutting-edge approach make Liigu an exceptional place to work, where our efforts in optimizing fleet operations truly make a difference."

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Karl Tamm, Ninja Manager

"Liigu is in constant movement - everybody here is a part of changing system. There is never a dull moment. In Liigu you can expect rapid changes and fast paced working environment. Everybody in Liigu will have a chance to develop themselves and learn new things."

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